Wednesday, October 11, 2023

New album from Daniel Crommie & Leslie Gray

 On Tuesday, November 7th New Weave will release a new collaborative album from Daniel Crommie & Leslie Gray titled "As the Raven Flies" - the follow-up to 2022's "Two of a Kind". Once again incorporating the organic/electronic sound, but more focused on the strings from Leslie Gray - including her new cello in addition to her usual violin and viola. There are a couple of pieces that hark back to their Saturnalia Trio repertoire including a redux of "Gemshorn Pipe" - "Gemshorn Revisited". More experimental moments ensue, especially the download-only bonus track "Scatterbrain". The CD artwork and mastering was once again created by our dear friend Jamie Haggerty - and a duo photo inside by longtime photographer Michael Renfrow. Available on deluxe digipak CD package or download at BandCamp.

Track List: 

  • 01/ Dragonfly Eyes
  • 02/ Agates on a Black Sand Beach
  • 03/ Byzantium Danse
  • 04/ Swirling Kandinski
  • 05/ Gemshorn Revisited / Above the Weather
  • 06/ Origami Confetti
  • 07/ Last Stone Unturned
  • 08/ As the Raven Flies
  • 09/ Dark Understory
  • 10/ Milky Blue
  • 11/ Echelon

Friday, September 22, 2023

New Weave videos - new and reissued

 Several New Weave music videos have been issued via The Orchard, two brand new videos for Daniel Crommie's "A Factor of One" album - and several reissued videos from the past 15 years. Jamie Haggerty created a wonderful video for "Plastic Pop (Eat it Again)" that has been getting some play, and the latest video for "This is My Rhythm" was created by Grammy Award winner Jim Blashfield. Jim Blashfield has directed videos for such heavyweights as Michael Jackson, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Tears for Fears, Heart, Paul Simon and many others - and his brilliant video is sure to stir up some interest. Other reissued videos are for "Living in the Dark Ages", "Reverser in Neutral" and "Coconut Radio" by Daniel Crommie, "Number Factory" by Group Du Jour, "No Room to Dream" by DC Sound Collective and "Toys and Treasures" by Daniel Crommie with Leslie Gray. Watch for more videos soon. You can view these and other videos at Vimeo.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Daniel Crommie's "A Factor of One" set for release

 The first solo vocal/song album since 1995's "The Feast of Saturnalia" is set for release on Tuesday, August 1st at BandCamp on both deluxe six-panel digipak CD with one exclusive track unavailable anywhere else, as well as digital download (with a different "hidden" track), which will include all lyrics and credits in PDF form. This six-panel digipak has beautiful artwork courtesy of longtime collaborator Jamie Haggerty and features the recent digital single "Plastic Pop (Eat it Again)". Since "The Feast of Saturnalia" in 1995, Daniel has written songs for Saturnalia Trio, Group Du Jour and DC Sound Collective, but this is a unique project started in October 2022 with the challenge of coming up with 10+ new songs in the studio with no one else involved in the writing or playing - so all of the instruments were played by Daniel Crommie. Watch the video for "Plastic Pop (eat it again)" here.

Here is the track listing:

01 Lazy Sun

02 This is My Rhythm

03 Jackrabbit Hwy.

04 Anyone Listening?

05 Repeat Offender

06 Your Secret

07 A Prisoner of Paradise

08 Lost in Thought

09 Plastic Pop (Eat it Again)

10 Automatic Transmission

11 Brave New Day

CD Bonus track

12 Fever Pitch

Sunday, May 28, 2023

New Daniel Crommie single!

 New Weave has released a new Daniel Crommie single "Plastic Pop (eat it again)" from the forthcoming Daniel Crommie album set for release in late July "A Factor of One" at BandCamp - and the song will be available for streaming everywhere starting Tuesday, June 6th. A tongue-in-cheek homage to 80's radio synth pop, as with the coming album all of the instruments and vocals are performed by Daniel. "A Factor of One" is the first solo vocal album since "The Feast of Saturnalia" (1995), although Daniel has written vocal songs for DC Sound Collective, Group Du Jour and Saturnalia Trio since then. The cover art was created by Jamie Haggerty, who also mastered the single and the album. Listen at Soundcloud.

Listen to "Plastic Pop (eat it again)" here.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

DC Sound Collective "Collected Singles, EP Tracks and Other Morsels" set for release

 A newly-remastered set of singles, EP tracks, etc. spanning 2013-2022 is set for release on CD and digital download on May 30th. This digipak includes 17 tracks - several of which are previously unreleased and many are remixed specially for this package. Colin Henson, Bruce Hazen, Eldon Hardenbrook and Daniel Crommie are featured. Available at BandCamp, Amazon, etc - also streamable at the usual outlets. Here's the track list:

Be My Monkey (album version)*
Don't Wanna Be Here
Everyone I've Ever Been
Just a Millionaire
Industry Man (abridged)*
Thoughts & Prayers
Drifting Away (single version)
In Lucid Moments
Molecular (extended version)*
No Room to Dream
Dante (infernal dub version)
Just a Millionaire (dub version)*
Ghostwriter (EP version)

*previously unreleased

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Daniel Crommie | Double CD "Perihelion Chronicle / Journey to the Aphelion"

 Released digitally (and CD at Bandcamp) on Tuesday, October 4th - this eclectic double-disc collection of new material recorded between November 2021 and June 2022 will be available as two individual download albums or as a single package containing two CDs from Bandcamp. Back in the peak vinyl LP days this would constitute a triple LP. This double CD includes over 124 minutes of new music ranging from psychedelic electro-jazz to ambient folk tunes, organic synthesis and noisy progressive rock with acid jazz overtones. Dave Thatcher contributed congas and bongos and Eldon Hardenbrook played fretless bass on one track. Lots of flutes (often processed via various vintage electronics), synthesizers (both analogue and digital), fourth-world percussion and rhythms, electric dulcimer and even a purring cat! The download albums each include one exclusive bonus track only available at Bandcamp. In addition to the double CD there is a NEW Daniel Crommie digital single "This Little Piggy" - also available as a bonus track on the download version of "Perihelion Chronicle" at Bandcamp - out September 6th at all the usual streaming services. Here's a link to download the album(s) at Amazon.

Read a review from Bob Mulvey at The Progressive Aspect here.


CD1 Perihelion Chronicle

Perihelion intro

The Bird of Paranoid

Round and Around

East of Deimos


Lapis Lazuli

Chalk Drawings

Xanthos Variations

Cave Entrance

This Little Piggy (single version) (Bandcamp download-only bonus track)

CD2 Journey to the Aphelion

Glass Diamond Metropolis


La Paz

Seven of Eleven

Day 74

Requiem for Mariupol

Cities Within Hidden Cities

A Forgotten Future

Almost Never Until Tomorrow

Hearsay and Heresy (Bandcamp download-only bonus track)

Listen to "This Little Piggy" on Soundcloud.

Friday, July 15, 2022

New DC Sound Collective single!

Hot on the heels of the recent release of "Creature Machines" comes a non-album digital single "Be My Monkey" - a song about manipulators and those who fall prey - released on Tuesday, July 19th. All instruments and vocals are by Daniel Crommie and Eldon Hardenbrook. The song will appear this coming fall on a CD compilation of DC Sound Collective digital singles & EP tracks.

You can download it at Amazon Music, Apple Music and Bandcamp. Also, you can stream this at all the usual sites!