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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

DC Sound Collective "The Sea is So Wide and My Boat is So Small" released!

The latest DC Sound Collective album - an all-instrumental collection featuring Eldon Hardenbrook, Daniel Crommie (Saturnalia Trio, Group Du Jour, Echo System), Bruce Hazen (350's, Iain Matthews), Colin Henson (Jade Warrior), Jamie Haggerty (Echo System), Bo Parker (Group Du Jour), Leslie Gray (Saturnalia Trio), Michael Maldonado and Bruce Gelman. 5 new compositions, including a further installment of the "Apophis" theme are included. Progressive ambient jazz-rock. Available at Band Camp, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Download-only for now, a CD version may surface in the future. Released at Band Camp October 1st - world-wide on November 7th.

 track listing:

1. K-219 4:11
2. Tradewind 5:42
3. Umbriel 7:11
4. El Faro 8:01
5. Apophis 3 36:43

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Daniel Crommie "Inside-Out" released at Band Camp

This companion to the "Portal" album has wilderness recordings of flute improvisations interspersed with studio electronic/ambient pieces has been released at Band Camp, with the official release at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and others set for Friday, September 22nd. Analogue and digital synthesizers mingle pleasantly with concert flute (frequently electronically modified), wood flutes, rhythm sequences and loops. 

Desert Poem
Hart Mountain
Bell Spirit
Three Sisters
Delayed Reaction
Garden of the Moon
The Lakeside
Grey Skies, Blue Eyes
Away in the Distant Future
Trillium Air
Cirrus Floccus

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Group Du Jour "Official Bootleg #2" released at Band Camp!

Group Du Jour's early years: 1983-1985. Compiled from the best sourced open reel, digital and cassette masters.

Tracks 1-6 released on cassette as "The Perfect Triangle" in 1985.
Track 7 was released as the A-side of a cassette single in 1983.
Track 8 was released on the cassette "4 Songs" in 1985.
Tracks 9, 11, 12 released on the "Triple Entendre" cassette in 1983.
Track 10 previously unreleased.

All tracks recorded at Sackneussem Sound by Paul Parker except "Can't Tame the Jungle", "Outskirts" and "Taping Gunther to the Floor" which were recorded at Retching Jackal by Richard Paige, and "DMSO" which was engineered by Don Weiss.

Bo Parker: vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion.
Paul Parker: electric guitar and bass, vocal on "The Sparrow".
Daniel Crommie: vocals, flute, recorders, synthesizers, clarinet, drum machine, harmonica, bowed psaltery, harmonica & percussion. 
Track Listing:
 1 The Perfect Triangle (1985 version)
 2 Roses in the Rain (1985 version)
 3 Man of the Hour (1985 version)
 4 Can't Tame the Jungle (1984 version)
 5 The Nightland
 6 The Sparrow
 7 Outskirts
 8 Mars Needs Uganda
 9 Taping Gunther to the Floor
11 Blue Pluto (live at East Avenue)
12 Daniel's Brain Lesion 

Digital Download Only Available at Band Camp

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Daniel Crommie "Portal" album released!


Daniel Crommie's 21st solo album since 1978, "Portal" mixes analogue synthesis and cutting-edge digital technology with processed concert flutes, wood flute and natural woodland ambience. The four long-form compositions are by turns dynamic and quietly hypnotic, with optimum results achieved when listening on closed-ear headphones.

Released at Band Camp April 20th | June 20th world-wide
digital-only release / Band Camp, iTunes, Apple Music, et al

                                                                  track listing:
Waking Morpheus 9:10

Portal 12:13

Dark Energy 21:30

The Day After 10:38

All Instruments: Daniel Crommie
Flutes, Keyboards, Rhythm Sequences, Samples, Atmospherics
Written, Produced & Engineered by Daniel Crommie
All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2017 New Weave