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Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Daniel Crommie "Earthbound Facing Skyward" album release

On June 20th the new Daniel Crommie ambient/experimental album "Earthbound Facing Skyward" will be released at Band Camp, preceding the projected July 5th release at iTunes, Amazon, et al. A combination of electro-jazz infused found-word experiments dissolves into a meditative ambiance in the calming conclusion. Flutes, samples, found words and synth-colored backdrops paint this hour-plus exploration with one extra track exclusive to Band Camp.
Track listing: 1. Far East 2. Deimos v Phobos 3. Kabocha 4. The Jay Walk 5. A Singing Comet Speaks 6. Dodecahedron 7. China Air 8. Fleur Aprilis 9. Fallen Winter* 10. Earthbound Facing Skyward. *Band Camp exclusive track not available elsewhere - Listen to "Kabocha" here.

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