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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DC Sound Collective "Following the Noise" EP released

This 5-track EP highlights the song-oriented aspect of DC Sound Collective's repertoire - a revolving cast of musical collaborators coordinated by Daniel Crommie and Eldon Hardenbrook. This release precedes an instrumental project slated for an early 2017 release - and follows the September 2016 release of the "Ghostwriter" digital single. Listen and download at Band Camp. Order from Amazon or iTunes.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

New DC Sound Collective single released

As new material is being recorded for a new DC Sound Collective EP and album, New Weave has released a pre-release single "Ghostwriter" as a digital-only download at Band Camp. This propulsive rockin' song features Daniel Crommie on vocals, electric dulcimer, hammond, mellotron and drums, Eldon Hardenbrook on bass and Bruce Hazen on lead electric guitar. It is coupled with a remix of "Dante" from the EP. The upcoming EP "Following the Noise" will contain a different version of "Ghostwriter" plus 4 other songs. Download "Ghostwriter" single at iTunes.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Saturnalia Trio | Saturnalia XX 1996-2016 recordings

On Monday, September 21st a new compilation from Saturnalia Trio was released digitally on iTunes, Amazon and Band Camp featuring 20 newly remastered songs & tunes spanning the 20 years of the group's career and featuring all of the past and current players. 3 newly recorded tracks*, a few rarities, edits and remixes are scattered amongst iconic and popular favorites. Medieval and Renaissance tunes mingle with original compositions. 

1. Susato Dance 0:41*
2. Queen of the Meadows 4:40
3. Ductia 1:44
4. En Mai / Dansse Real 3:52
5. This Strangers Land 2:16
6. Trouvere Melody 1:59
7. Come Down from West Hills 4:10
8. Le Septime Estampie Real / Miragres Fremosos Por Noz 3:13
9. A Miracle of Water (abbreviated) 4:29
10. Lauren's Burgerette 1:39
11. When Your World Comes Tumbling Down (‘05 mix) 4:04
12. El Rey de Francia Tres Hijas Tenia 6:15
13. Keep You In The Dark 3:31
14. Southbound on a Sunny Day ('08 Mix) 1:56
15. In Its Glory 2:50
16. Morrison Jig (acoustic mix) 1:48
17. Pastourelle (alternate version) 2:34
18. Golden Sickle and the Wren (neo-modern mix) 2:32
19. Danse Royale 2:14*
20. Branle 1:08*

Daniel Crommie: vocals, flutes, recorders, acoustic & electric dulcimers, buche, mandolins, balalaika, cornamuse (all tracks)
Leslie Gray: violin, viola & vocals (all tracks)
Paul Evans: hand drums, percussion and flute (tracks 6-9, 11-15)
Bruce Gelman: hand drums and percussion (tracks 3-5, 10)
Elizabeth Nicholson: celtic harp and vocals (tracks 6-9)
Michael Treadwell: frame drums (tracks 16-19)
Tracey Brown: celtic harp (track 15)
Jamie Haggerty: hand drums and percussion (tracks 2&4)
Lauren McKenzie: violin (track 10)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Daniel Crommie "Earthbound Facing Skyward" album release

On June 20th the new Daniel Crommie ambient/experimental album "Earthbound Facing Skyward" will be released at Band Camp, preceding the projected July 5th release at iTunes, Amazon, et al. A combination of electro-jazz infused found-word experiments dissolves into a meditative ambiance in the calming conclusion. Flutes, samples, found words and synth-colored backdrops paint this hour-plus exploration with one extra track exclusive to Band Camp.
Track listing: 1. Far East 2. Deimos v Phobos 3. Kabocha 4. The Jay Walk 5. A Singing Comet Speaks 6. Dodecahedron 7. China Air 8. Fleur Aprilis 9. Fallen Winter* 10. Earthbound Facing Skyward. *Band Camp exclusive track not available elsewhere - Listen to "Kabocha" here.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Echo System - live at East Avenue 1987 released

Echo System (Daniel Crommie and Jamie Haggerty) recorded four albums during their two plus years of electronic collaboration, only performing live on three occasions. Two of those performances were recorded and these pieces are from those shows in 1987 – and with the exception of a few overdubs on the first track, they are presented as they were performed live to two-track digital in front of a small audience at East Avenue Tavern in Portland, Oregon.

Jamie Haggerty: synthesizers, and tape manipulation.
Daniel Crommie: flutes, synthesizers, sequencer, drum programs and tape manipulation.

Track Listing:
1/ Glass Houses / Marshland by Twilight
2/ Echo System including:
Echo Sysytem
Brutal Beat
Andy Warhol
Echo System (reprise)
Magic African Gourd

Download this at Band Camp

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Group Du Jour "Down to the Wire" remastered

Group du Jour's "Down to the Wire" has been newly remastered and the 25th Anniversary Edition is available for download at Band Camp with an extra track from the original sessions. Recorded in the summer of 1989 live - direct to digital stereo with no overdubs and engineered by Jamie Haggerty, Daniel Crommie, Bo Parker and Paul Parker released the album on CD the following spring of 1990. The album was met with excellent reviews: 

"Group Du Jour's stock-in-trade are songs of a moody bent, built on lyrics that approach poetry, beautifully sung." - Steven McDonald All Music

"Please excuse me, But I need to rave about a unique band from deepest Portland" - Grant Alden The Rocket

"I haven’t listened to an album as often as this one since Fairport’s Gladys’ Leap or Brian Eno’s Before and After Science. The band is an unusual blend of pop/rock, ethnic and ambient music with plenty of synthesizers, electric guitars and the driving percussion that make up most rock bands. The difference with this group is the obvious talent each member has, the complex but never boring arrangements and rhythms that keep your feet tapping." James Morman Dirty Linen 

Track Listing:

1. Ride to the Top
2. A Quiet Pandemonium
3. Predictable Heart
4. Under a Spell
5. Great Big Soul
6. That Familiar Scream
7. Soft Focus
8. Shaky House
9. Where Will I Sleep
10. Afraid of Heights
11. We Built the Machines (bonus track)

You can order the original 1990 CD from Band Camp too.