Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Daniel Crommie solo album released July 21st

A new ambient flute-based album was released at iTunes, Amazon et al on July 21st and a month earlier at Band Camp with 2 exclusive Band Camp-only tracks. Recorded in April and May 2015, this album is dedicated to the ambient music stylings of Eno/Fripp and Jon Hassell. All instruments were played by Daniel: concert flute, synthesizers, drum loops and devices.

Track list:

Ether Oro 8.50
Leaf Maze 2.31
Found Jewel 5.05
Deep Cave Antlers 5.41
Aluminum Flyer 4.34
West of Reason 4.47
Shine On Ceres 2.11
Rock Face 5.12
Metal Petals 1.51
Feldspar 3.53
Glass Cloud 3.32
Torque 2.57
Moonlit Procession 5.04
Savanna 7.04

Listen to a song sample here.

Here's a review

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