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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

New DC Sound Collective albums and EP

Two + years in the making, two new DC Sound Collective albums have been issued. The first album "A Memory of Errors" was released on Tuesday, October 27th at iTunes and Monday, October 12th at Band Camp. Musicians featured on this project include David Duhig and Colin Henson from Jade Warrior, Bruce Hazen (from The 350's, Hi-Fi and Iain Matthews) and James Havard. An EP "Drifting Away" was released August 31st exclusively at Band Camp and has the single mix of "Drifting Away" from "A Memory of Errors" plus a full-length version of "Molecular" from the same album, and a non-album track "Outtake". On December 1st another companion album "A Memory of Errors Volume 2" will be released - all-instrumental compositions featuring most of the same musicians from Volume 1 plus others. Pre-order at Amazon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saturnalia Trio's "Skin, Wood and Steel" released August 11th

 The first Saturnalia Trio album since 2009's "Hummingbirds" was released on Tuesday, August 11th on iTunes, Amazon, et al. Recorded this past winter/spring, "Skin, Wood and Steel" features mostly Medieval and Renaissance tunes and original tunes in the style of historic Medieval dance tunes - sprinkled with a few original songs and a cover of The Beatles "Norwegian Wood". 
 English publication fROOTS said "Pleasant, undemanding, yet curiously uplifting Medieval and modern tunes sounding at times like Robin Williamson’s Merry Band or the soundtracks to Robin of Sherwood or Merlin."
 This album is available as a limited run CD and is downloadable from Band Camp. You can also order from CD Baby and Amazon. Read a review here.

Here's the track list:

01.      February Blues (Crommie) 1.42 For John Renbourn

02.      Pastourelle (Crommie) 2.24

03.      Chansonnette (Colin Muset) 13th C. 1.39

04.      Cats & Birds (Crommie) 2.27

05.      La Mora de Borja (Alfonso X) 13th C. 2.17

06.      Ungaresca 16th C. 1.28

07.      Norwegian Wood (Lennon/McCartney) 2.25

08.      Ladyglen (Crommie) 1.07

09.      Branle (C. Gervais) 16th C. 1.29

10.      Allemande (C. Gervais) 16th C. 1.38

11.      Tourdion (T. Arbeau) 16th C. 2.13
12.      Trillium Tarentelle (Crommie) 1.33
13.      The Lady in White (Crommie) 4.13
14.      Golden Sickle and the Wren (Crommie) 2.30
15.      The Stags Dance (Crommie) 1.46
16.      Schiarazula Marazula (Mainerio) 16th C. 2.49
17.      La Tierche Estampie Real 14th C. 3.22
18.      Ungaresca Reprise 16th C. 1.50
19.      Morrison Jig (Irish trad.) 2.04

Daniel Crommie: vocals, six-string dulcimer, flute, recorders, balalaika, whistles, cornamuse, bul bul tarang, jaw trump, aux percussion, electric dulcimer.
Leslie Gray: violin & viola.
Michael Treadwell: bodhran, tombec, frame drums, glockenspiel.

Jamie Haggerty: hurdy gurdy, glockenspiel and percussion.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Daniel Crommie solo album released July 21st

A new ambient flute-based album was released at iTunes, Amazon et al on July 21st and a month earlier at Band Camp with 2 exclusive Band Camp-only tracks. Recorded in April and May 2015, this album is dedicated to the ambient music stylings of Eno/Fripp and Jon Hassell. All instruments were played by Daniel: concert flute, synthesizers, drum loops and devices.

Track list:

Ether Oro 8.50
Leaf Maze 2.31
Found Jewel 5.05
Deep Cave Antlers 5.41
Aluminum Flyer 4.34
West of Reason 4.47
Shine On Ceres 2.11
Rock Face 5.12
Metal Petals 1.51
Feldspar 3.53
Glass Cloud 3.32
Torque 2.57
Moonlit Procession 5.04
Savanna 7.04

Listen to a song sample here.

Here's a review