Thursday, December 4, 2014

New review of "Rotation" from DPRP

The Dutch progressive rock online site DPRP has a positive, well-written and informative review of the 2013 DC Sound Collective album "Rotation".

"Musically, the album creates an ethereal ambience as it gently glides along. Variation is given by musical devices such as the clever use of counter melody between the voice and guitar on City Of Industry. It serves to create the necessary degree of disturbance, while the tune never moves above its slow-paced start. Eldon contributes a funky bass throughout, which comes to the fore on the light-fingered instrumental A Jungle Of Apparitions; winding, snake-like around the rhythm, as keys and guitar create the wash of sound above."

"Apophis is certainly the highlight of Rotation and makes the album a worthwhile purchase for lovers of the kind of airy, electric ambience I have attempted to describe."
Roger Trenwith - DPRP, December 2014

Read the full review here. Buy "Rotation" at Band Camp or Amazon.

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