Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Group Du Jour live compilation

Just released at Band Camp - a new compilation of Group Du Jour performances recorded from 1986 - 1993, "Group Du Jour - Live 1986 - 1993" is the first in a series of Official Bootlegs.

From Group Du Jour's performance heyday in Portland, Oregon come these recordings - direct to digital stereo - and featuring songs and improvisations unavailable anywhere else. Guests include saxophonist Michael Maldonado, didgeridoo player Jean George Poulot and Ghanaian master drummer Obo Addy. This official "bootleg" is a high quality document with over an hour of GDJ's unique "techno-ethnic" sound - highlighting their more experimental direction.


Paul Parker: electric guitar, bass, fretless bass and electric kalimba.
Bo Parker: rhythm guitar, xylimbas, various percussion and vocals.
Daniel Crommie: synthesizers, drum programs, flutes, vocals, harmonica.

Michael Maldonado: saxophones.
Obo Addy: talking drum and djembe
Jean George Poulot: didgeridoo.

Track listing:

1. When the Moon Turns Blue (live 1986)
2. Dissatisfied (live 1986)
3. Motion of Sand (live 1992)
4. DMZ (live 1992)
5. Didgeridoo Jam (live 1992)
6. Lost World (live 1993)
7. Animosity Killed the Cat (live 1993)
8. The Hedgerow (live 1993)
9. Jammin' with Obo Addy (live 1993)
10. Sleepwalking Improvisation (live 1992)

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