Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Precious Time - 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

On March 25th, New Weave released a newly-remixed deluxe edition of Daniel's ground-breaking 1989 album "Precious Time" exclusively at Band Camp. This new remastered edition digitally remixed in January 2014 from the original DBX-encoded cassette portastudio multitrack tapes includes all of the tracks from the original 1989 cassette album, the bonus track from the 1998 CD release, plus an additional previously unreleased track. This is easily the best sounding remaster of this milestone album. Here's a 1990 review: "Crommie’s musical timespan stretches from the middle ages right through a digital sampler into 1990. He plays instruments as diverse as the recorder, the psaltery, the synth, and the dulcimer, and creates gorgeous compositions which utilize medieval sounds alloyed with a new age aesthetic. Your first comparison might be to Mark Isham’s music, although Crommie is more delicate – he doesn’t go in for Isham’s grandiloquence. Crommie’s synthesizers are subtle, creating a sort of dreamy context which allows the acoustic instruments’ voices plenty of room. If you’re into medieval music, you may hear it in a new light on this tape. And if your taste runs to new age, this is a must, a distinct cut above the audio anesthesia you hear from the larger new age labels these days." – John Baxter

Option Magazine / March 1990.

Here's a recent review:

"You will not find many intense instrumental workouts here, that's not what Precious Time is about. If, however, you enjoy instrumental music where the pieces flow seamlessly together and the ambience never gets too heavy, Precious Time might warrant further investigation."

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