Saturday, May 2, 2020

Daniel Crommie's VIA to be released in June

Tuesday, June 16th will see the digital release of "VIA", An electro-Medieval travelogue passage through fantastic imaginary psychoactive Gothic dreamscapes. 7 tracks, 62 minutes - Very much an electronic/acoustic hybrid with other-earthly textures, environments and sounds. Menacing creatures roam ever-changing landscapes in search of peaceful resolve. The limited edition (50) CD will be released July 1st 2020 at Bandcamp.

You can listen/preorder here. You can buy at Bandcamp.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

DC Sound Collective "Darjeeling Wireless" released in April

A new DC Sound Collective (mostly) instrumental album is set for release digitally and limited edition CD on Tuesday April 21st at Apple Music, Amazon and Bandcamp. The signature sounds of the collective: progressive rock, ambient electronic and a bit of jazz are evident on this adventurous project - with contributions from guitarists Colin Henson (Jade Warrior), Bruce Hazen (350's, Iain Matthews, Hi-Fi) along with the stalwart team of multi-instrumentalists Eldon Hardenbrook and Daniel Crommie. An hour of music in a digipak designed by Jamie Haggerty can be yours from Bandcamp or Amazon.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

DC Sound Collective single out in March

A new digital single by DC Sound Collective will be released at iTunes/Apple Music et al on Tuesday, March 17th. "Just a Millionaire" features Daniel Crommie on vocals, electric dulcimer, analogue synths and flute with Eldon Hardenbrook playing bass and Bruce Hazen on guitars. Listen and preorder here.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

New Archival Releases and Reissues

Two Daniel Crommie albums have been issued in January - a compilation of mostly previously unreleased material featured on "Rarities #2" and a straight reissue of Daniel's 1987 album "Raised By Piranha". "Rarities #2" will only be available at Bandcamp and includes music recorded between 1983-2018 with outtakes, alternate versions and remixes - all rare or never before heard. "Raised By Piranha" was released on Bandcamp several years ago but will now be available for download and streaming from the usual outlets such as Apple Music/iTunes, and includes participation by Jamie Haggerty, Tom Dougherty and Kristi Mergenthaler. An unusual album in that Daniel Crommie plays no flute whatsoever, only electric clarinet in addition to synthesizers, vocals and sequences. Here's a review of "Raised By Piranha".

Friday, October 25, 2019

New Saturnalia Trio album

On Tuesday, November 26th New Weave is set to release "It Was In May" Saturnalia Trio's first album of all-new material since 2015's "Skin, Wood & Steel" - on CD and as a digital download at Apple Music, Amazon and Bandcamp. Take a trip through time and place (filtered through 21st century Portland, Oregon) - two Swedish folk tunes, a French folk tune, a Castilian Medieval tune from Alfonso X "El Sabio", a French Renaissance dance, a trouvere poem set to original music and two Bert Jansch songs - with the remainder composed by Daniel Crommie. 15 pieces will be featured including "Silent Nights", a version of the classic Christmas lullaby. There will be a different version of "Silent Night" exclusively at Bandcamp (download-only) - "Silent Night (Medieval version)". Get the album at Bandcamp.


Daniel Crommie: vocals, six-string dulcimer, flutes, recorders, mandolin, buche, bul bul tarang, altus cornamuse, miscellaneous percussion, tambourin ’a cordes, tin whistle, psaltery, synthesizer and samples
Leslie Gray: violin, viola, vocal
Eldon Hardenbrook: acoustic bass guitar & nylon string guitar
Dave Thatcher: hand drums 
Listen to a sample here.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Animosity reissue!

Daniel Crommie's 1988 experimental ambient album "Animosity" will be available for download and streaming after Tuesday, October 29th at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 10 tracks recorded in 1987-1988 and originally released on cassette (the original cassettes have become somewhat collectable, and are now sold out at Band Camp) - this collection contains some of the more unusual musical pieces - including a Medieval troubadour poem set to modern accompaniment. 

"There Once Was A City" hits home like a less exuberant and decidedly down in the mouth OMD, until the spoken vocal which utilizes words written by Peire Cardenal in the 13th century adds an eerie and remote atmosphere. However "Still Life" is the album's shock moment, the quiet, almost ambient ringing chimes overtly opposed to the modern (for the time) electronics found elsewhere, its slow beautiful sprawl genuinely ear catching, beautiful, out of place and wonderful." - Sea of Tranquility

This is already available at Band Camp for download with a printable PDF poster.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Daniel Crommie's "starseedhead" released!

The first new music from Daniel Crommie since last year's "Winter Roses" has been released at Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes/Apple Music. Bandcamp and Amazon have the CD, which has the following track list: starseedhead, Spiraea, Solid Red, Slowmelt, Copernicus Uprising, Crucifixated (greed), Drones, Time in Seconds, Spiraling Logic, Urban Atmos-Fear, Requiem for Ymir. Just over an hour of music featuring flutes (concert flute, bamboo, clay and wood flutes), electric dulcimer, analogue & digital synthesizers, mellotron, samples, devices and rhythm loops. Mind movie music! Read a review here.