Monday, September 16, 2019

Animosity reissue!

Daniel Crommie's 1988 experimental ambient album "Animosity" will be available for download and streaming after Tuesday, October 29th at iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, etc. 10 tracks recorded in 1987-1988 and originally released on cassette (the cassettes have become something of a collectors item, and are now sold out at Band Camp) - this collection contains some of the more unusual musical pieces - including a Medieval troubadour poem set to modern accompaniment. 

"There Once Was A City" hits home like a less exuberant and decidedly down in the mouth OMD, until the spoken vocal which utilizes words written by Peire Cardenal in the 13th century adds an eerie and remote atmosphere. However "Still Life" is the album's shock moment, the quiet, almost ambient ringing chimes overtly opposed to the modern (for the time) electronics found elsewhere, its slow beautiful sprawl genuinely ear catching, beautiful, out of place and wonderful." - Sea of Tranquility

This is already available at Band Camp for download with a printable poster.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Daniel Crommie's "starseedhead" released!

The first new music from Daniel Crommie since last year's "Winter Roses" has been released at Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes/Apple Music. Bandcamp and Amazon have the CD, which has the following track list: starseedhead, Spiraea, Solid Red, Slowmelt, Copernicus Uprising, Crucifixated (greed), Drones, Time in Seconds, Spiraling Logic, Urban Atmos-Fear, Requiem for Ymir. Just over an hour of music featuring flutes (concert flute, bamboo, clay and wood flutes), electric dulcimer, analogue & digital synthesizers, mellotron, samples, devices and rhythm loops. Mind movie music!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Echo System "The Architect of Secrets" released at Bandcamp

An archival compilation of Echo System material from 1987-1988 has been digitally released at Bandcamp.

Echo System was comprised of Daniel Crommie and Jamie Haggerty, who recorded four albums between 1986 and 1988 - all released originally only on cassette. This collection includes ambient/instrumental tracks from "In a Strange World" (1987) and "Heat Lightning" (1990), plus a couple of previously unreleased pieces from the same sessions. Much of this material was recorded live to digital stereo with no overdubs.


track listing:

The Architect of Secrets
Machines of Injustice
Wrapping the Body
Blue Plateaux
The Garden Pool
Heat Lightning / Water by Moonlight
The Garden Pool (reprise)
Unwrapping the Body

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

New Projects in 2019

There are a few new album projects slate for 2019: a new Daniel Crommie CD/download "starseedhead" will be released at midsummer in June and consists of instrumental compositions with electric dulcimer, flutes and percussion. Rather a departure from the last several albums, "starseedhead" has a more experimental rock vibe. Listen to the album and order from Bandcamp here. Order from Amazon here.

Also in the works: a new instrumental album from DC Sound Collective and a new Saturnalia Trio album from Daniel Crommie and Leslie Gray (with new member Eldon Hardenbrook) that will feature a couple of Bert Jansch songs, new original songs from Daniel and Renaissance, Swedish, French, Irish and German folk tunes.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

DC Sound Collective "Dirae Pax" released October 23rd!

A new album from DC Sound Collective "Dirae Pax" will be released Tuesday, October 23rd at iTunes/Apple Music/Amazon and at Bandcamp a few days earlier - both as a download and CD. Featuring 4 songs from the "Following the Noise" EP of 2016 (remixed and remastered) plus 6 new songs - 2 instrumentals and 4 vocal songs, all rock with the stalwart team of Crommie, Hardenbrook and Hazen with guest appearances from Colin Henson, Leslie Gray and Bo Parker. The mastering and album art was created by long time associate Jamie Haggerty. Limited edition CD release!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Daniel Crommie compilation "Phantoms from the Passed" released

A new CD compilation of Daniel Crommie's solo instrumental work covering the years 2006-2018  will be released Tuesday, September 18th at Band Camp and Amazon. The first CD Daniel has released since "The Last Thing I Remember" in 2006, "Phantoms from the Passed" will feature 14 tracks sampling a dozen albums with a total time of just over 79 minutes and will also be available for download only at Band Camp. This is a limited edition digipak with full color art on the package and disc.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Preview a new DC Sound Collective track

You can preview a track from the forthcoming DC Sound Collective album "Dirae Pax" which is due for release this summer. "Thoughts & Prayers" is a commentary on the pervasive gun violence in the USA and features Eldon Hardenbrook on bass, Bruce Hazen on guitars and Daniel Crommie on vocals, electric dulcimers, flutes, keyboards and drums. Listen here.