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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Daniel Crommie "Portal" album released!


Daniel Crommie's 21st solo album since 1978, "Portal" mixes analogue synthesis and cutting-edge digital technology with processed concert flutes, wood flute and natural woodland ambience. The four long-form compositions are by turns dynamic and quietly hypnotic, with optimum results achieved when listening on closed-ear headphones.

Released at Band Camp April 20th | June 20th world-wide
digital-only release / Band Camp, iTunes, Apple Music, et al

                                                                  track listing:
Waking Morpheus 9:10

Portal 12:13

Dark Energy 21:30

The Day After 10:38

All Instruments: Daniel Crommie
Flutes, Keyboards, Rhythm Sequences, Samples, Atmospherics
Written, Produced & Engineered by Daniel Crommie
All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2017 New Weave

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