Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Group Du Jour "Down to the Wire" remastered

Group du Jour's "Down to the Wire" has been newly remastered and the 25th Anniversary Edition is available for download at Band Camp with an extra track from the original sessions. Recorded in the summer of 1989 live - direct to digital stereo with no overdubs and engineered by Jamie Haggerty, Daniel Crommie, Bo Parker and Paul Parker released the album on CD the following spring of 1990. The album was met with excellent reviews: 

"Group Du Jour's stock-in-trade are songs of a moody bent, built on lyrics that approach poetry, beautifully sung." - Steven McDonald All Music

"Please excuse me, But I need to rave about a unique band from deepest Portland" - Grant Alden The Rocket

"I haven’t listened to an album as often as this one since Fairport’s Gladys’ Leap or Brian Eno’s Before and After Science. The band is an unusual blend of pop/rock, ethnic and ambient music with plenty of synthesizers, electric guitars and the driving percussion that make up most rock bands. The difference with this group is the obvious talent each member has, the complex but never boring arrangements and rhythms that keep your feet tapping." James Morman Dirty Linen 

Track Listing:

1. Ride to the Top
2. A Quiet Pandemonium
3. Predictable Heart
4. Under a Spell
5. Great Big Soul
6. That Familiar Scream
7. Soft Focus
8. Shaky House
9. Where Will I Sleep
10. Afraid of Heights
11. We Built the Machines (bonus track)

You can order the original 1990 CD from Band Camp too.

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