Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Daniel Crommie limited release

A new album of rarities has been released as a Band Camp exclusive for the low price of $5. PsychedelicMedievalSpaceJazz features eight tracks recorded between 1996-2008 - out-takes from Sargasso Manuscript and Life Rattle  including an extended mix of "The Spell is Broken". Much of this was previously released in 2006 as a limited release under the title of PsychedelicMedievalJazz. All instruments: Daniel Crommie except on Distant Train Calling where Jess Fry played percussion samples. 

Here is the track listing: 

1. The Spell is Broken (extended mix #2) 2. Flutter & Fade 3. Bug Zapper Waltz 4. Warning 5. Short Circuit 6. The Zenith Curse 7. Faces in Stone 8. Distant Train Calling 9. Chrysalis 2 10. The Pillars at Dawn 2

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