Thursday, December 12, 2013

Daniel Crommie "A Silent Sea" set for release

A new ambient album "A Silent Sea" was released at iTunes, Amazon, etc on Tuesday, February 4th 2014. This instrumental set includes contributions from Eldon Hardenbrook, Jon Davis Miller and Michael Treadwell and features several ethnic flutes - some of which were built by Daniel Crommie. You can download it from Band Camp several weeks earlier for a mere $7. Here is the track listing: 

1. Lunar Asters
2. Samain
3. All Saints Day
4. Contrails
5. A Silent Sea
6. Chasing Phantom Ships
7. Megasaurus
8. Two Lynx
9. Ice Fractals
10. Bamboo Bird
11. Ecuador
12. A Silent Sea (reprise)
13. Outposts
14. Etude #1

Contemplative. Experimental. Melodic. Dissonant. Quiet. Dynamic. Soporific. Other-worldly. Organic. Electro-acoustic. Neo-ethnic. Fluty. Enigmatic. Improvisational. Moody. Colorful. Textural. Poetic. Cinematic. Wallpaper. 

Read a review here.

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