Thursday, June 13, 2013

Selective Amnesia Volume 2 - The Early Years 1976-1984 released

The earliest studio recordings of Daniel Crommie are now available on the newly released "Selective Amnesia Volume 2 - The Early Years 1976-1984".

"Due to the vast array of styles brought together on this album, there's no denying that Selective Amnesia Vol 2 makes for an unusual listening experience when taken in one sitting. The album basically splitting in two distinct halves as you venture through the years with Crommie. For fans of the man's music, it is a must, collecting together recordings barely available before and delivering them into the digital age. However the quality can in truth vary significantly and while there are some aspects which link the music from song to song, there's a strong chance that those enticed by the folky nature of the earliest tracks on show, will be left cold by the electro-synth of later years and vice versa.

All in an interesting, eclectic and challenging collection. A statement which in itself describes the music of Daniel Crommie perfectly." -
Steven Reid / Sea of Tranquility

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