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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Daniel Crommie "A Silent Sea" set for release

A new ambient album "A Silent Sea" was released at iTunes, Amazon, etc on Tuesday, February 4th 2014. This instrumental set includes contributions from Eldon Hardenbrook, Jon Davis Miller and Michael Treadwell and features several ethnic flutes - some of which were built by Daniel Crommie. You can download it from Band Camp several weeks earlier for a mere $7. Here is the track listing: 

1. Lunar Asters
2. Samain
3. All Saints Day
4. Contrails
5. A Silent Sea
6. Chasing Phantom Ships
7. Megasaurus
8. Two Lynx
9. Ice Fractals
10. Bamboo Bird
11. Ecuador
12. A Silent Sea (reprise)
13. Outposts
14. Etude #1

Contemplative. Experimental. Melodic. Dissonant. Quiet. Dynamic. Soporific. Other-worldly. Organic. Electro-acoustic. Neo-ethnic. Fluty. Enigmatic. Improvisational. Moody. Colorful. Textural. Poetic. Cinematic. Wallpaper. 

Read a review here.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Creatures of Habit released at Band Camp

You can download Daniel Crommie's 2003 instrumental compilation at Band Camp.

Originally a set of demos for potential commercial film & television inclusion, this collection of short pieces originally released in 2003 has some recycled/remixed material from works released previously on Group Du Jour and Daniel Crommie solo albums.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Selective Amnesia Volume 2 - The Early Years 1976-1984 released

The earliest studio recordings of Daniel Crommie are now available on the newly released "Selective Amnesia Volume 2 - The Early Years 1976-1984".

"Due to the vast array of styles brought together on this album, there's no denying that Selective Amnesia Vol 2 makes for an unusual listening experience when taken in one sitting. The album basically splitting in two distinct halves as you venture through the years with Crommie. For fans of the man's music, it is a must, collecting together recordings barely available before and delivering them into the digital age. However the quality can in truth vary significantly and while there are some aspects which link the music from song to song, there's a strong chance that those enticed by the folky nature of the earliest tracks on show, will be left cold by the electro-synth of later years and vice versa.

All in an interesting, eclectic and challenging collection. A statement which in itself describes the music of Daniel Crommie perfectly." -
Steven Reid / Sea of Tranquility

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DC Sound Collective "Rotation" released!

The newest collaborative album featuring Daniel Crommie and Eldon Hardenbrook with guests David Duhig and Colin Henson from Jade Warrior was released on Tuesday, May 14th on New Weave. This ambitious project includes a 25-minute epic composition co-composed by David Duhig and also has Jon Davis Miller, Leslie Gray (Saturnalia Trio), Michael Maldonado and David Stone contributing stellar musical performances. You can order it from Amazon.

Track listing: Riff Raff, Trash Can Sam, Panorama Drive, City of Industry (departure), A Jungle of Apparitions, No Room to Dream, Throwing Bones, Calm Before the Storm / Apophis.

You can watch the video for "No Room to Dream" on You Tube.

Here's a review: "I really like it! Don’t ask me for a reason why, I couldn’t give you one. I just do, and so might you dear reader, if you were to give it a listen. Go on, we could all benefit from a touch of the bizarre now and again!" - The Progressive Aspect 2014

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"At the Waters Edge" reissued on iTunes & Amazon

Daniel's seminal 1993 album "At the Waters Edge" has been reissued, remastered with two extra tracks and upgraded cover art. You can buy it at iTunes, Amazon and at Band Camp where it comes with a PDF with all of the lyrics, period reviews and track credits. This is one of the artists favorite albums and has a special place in his heart with wonderful contributions from Janie Mitchell, Michael Maldonado, Bruce Gelman and Jean-George Poulot. 

Here's a NEW review: "Overall, At the Waters Edge is a fun mix of many styles, and shows that Crommie and his friends were putting together some impressive sounds back in 1993. If you didn't check this one out the first time, now's a good a time as any to investigate." 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Daniel Crommie's "Chrysanthemum" reissued

Daniel Crommie's seminal 1993 album "Chrysanthemum" is re-issued at iTunes, Amazon, Band Camp, et al on Tuesday, January 8th worldwide. Originally released on cassette, this instrumental offering has new cover artwork, improved sound and a bonus track to boot! Here's a review from the Oregonian's Marty Hughley in 1993:

  Between his eclectic electro-folk band Group Du Jour, his duo with keyboardist Jamie Haggerty and his solo projects, Crommie must rank as one of Portland’s most prolific artists. It sometimes seems that he puts out more work than he should, stranding occasional gems on albums with too many failed exercises. But this shimmering collection of instrumental pieces is a potent faith-restorer for the flagging fan.

  Crommie plays a variety of synthesizers, flutes, drum machines, etc., layering them into lush tone poems and sketches or idealised aural scenery, like Cocteau poems or Maxfield Parrish paintings translated into music. His stylistic debt to Bill Nelson’s art-pop experiments, Ian Anderson’s hard-breathing flute technique and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s highly textural soundtrack work are as admirable as they are obvious; they are the right tools for Crommie’s own fertile muse.

  Perhaps a line from the cassette’s accompanying poem sums up “Chrysanthemum” best: “A serviceable burst of grace.”

Friday, January 4, 2013

Rare 1987 Daniel Crommie album released on Band Camp

In 1987 Daniel Crommie recorded "Raised by Piranha" and released around 25 copies to an unsuspecting public where it promptly sunk without a trace. Until now, that is. Dusted off and complete with new cover artwork and a bonus track, "Raised by Piranha" is now available for download at Band Camp - the only place you'll find this rare gem. Part of the New Weave "Archive Series", this is: Archive Series #8 NWCD-120. Guests include Jamie Haggerty, Thomas Dougherty and Kristi Mergenthaler. 

"Raised By Piranha is certainly not going to be for everyone, and is pretty dated sounding by today's standards, but if you have a soft spot for '80s new wave and electro/synth pop, you'll be able to have a lot of fun with this one." -
Pete Pardo / Sea of Tranquility

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Rare Saturnalia Trio EP released on Band Camp

In 2003 New Weave released a Saturnalia Trio sampler that showcased When Your World Comes Tumbling Down prior to its inclusion on Of Mosaic & Muse - in addition to some rare and alternate versions of material from their previous albums. This EP was originally released in 2003 and features the explosive title song plus a few other tracks that well represent the Saturnalia Trio breadth of sound, instrumentation and material. Ranging from original songs to medieval & Renaissance dance tunes, Saturnalia Trio presents a colorful and vibrant sound sure to intrigue the discerning listener. Two tracks are from "Of Mosaic & Muse" (2004), two tracks are from "Mercury Rising" (2002) and one track is from a 2000 video. The wonderful cover art was created by Saturnalia's stand-in violinist Lauren McKenzie. This EP has been released on Band Camp and can be downloaded in almost any digital form desired for a mere $3.